Anonymous asked: Hey, I was just wondering... Where does your characters' name come from? Piras Dameshi seems like a spanish-japanese name and Camille sounds more like French.


Don’t wonder too much about it xD I sure didn’t ^^;  

To be honest most of them were chosen a lot of years ago, when I didn’t use my brain so often. They just sounded like the characters’ personality in my head, so I named them that and it stuck until now. Some are invented, some are not, some seem occidental, some …well idk what they seem….

I’d like to point out though that it’s Dameschi, not Dameshi. And in my head it’s pronounced as an Italian person would. Da as in dazzling, Mes as in messy and Chi as in kid ;)

Thank you very much for your ask, I’m sorry for the late reply!

ligo13 asked: Hy, Koti ! What if Piras and Faen change their hairstyles?For example, Piras with short hair and Faen with long?


You know, at some point, a lot of ages ago, Piras and Faen had different hairstyle, and Faen ACTUALLY HAD  long hair. I had a thing for guys with long hair xD but then I decided Faen needed to look more proper because of his personality, so he became who he is now. And Piras has gone through lots of hairstyles too. I tried him with short hair once, he’s cute but IDK. Maybe he looks too common? His longish hair is an important characteristic in my opinion :/



These are some pics I found. The first is stupidly old. The other not so much.

lozey-jones asked: I think what I really love about Piras and Faen is that when you draw them, they look genuinely happy to be together as a couple. They cuddle and kiss and hang out without going "D-don't do that! baka...." (something you see in yaoi/gay characters A LOT. Its tiring and I want to scream!). They like eachother and aren't afraid to show it (at least, thats what I'm getting from your art with them in it). They act like a REAL couple, and I love that so much! <3

Hey Lozey!!

Thank you :)

I sometimes regret to have posted pictures about them xD you are so spoiled on what will happen later, but on the other hand I’d probably have a bunch of people burn my house at some point if they weren’t prepared for it xDDD

Anyway, that’s also one of the things I like about them. I’ve always disliked yaoi a lot because most times characters seem like caricatures to me. So when I decided these two had a thing, I wanted to portray it hmm more seriously I guess? For me their relationship isn’t really about the relationship per se, their relationship is more about two guys growing up and out of their prejudices and fears and starting accept themselves, so maybe that’s why you see them happy when together… it actually takes them a lot of personal growing to get there :) It’ll be really fun to watch them evolve from 0 to friends to <3

I’ve waited so much to get to this part of the story!! A lot of important things have been laid out for the future and I’m happy to get to draw some action finally!!

Are you curious about tying things together? Then maybe this is a good time to re read chapter 1!

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Until then ;)

Anonymous asked: Hey bb orange lame head, I'm missin' ya! Please, create a tag for you asks and advices ~<3 kissu:>

hahahaha! I’m glad you are my friend, you dork face! so much love xD this is too funny I’m posting it

And I have a tag, it’s flip answer, now it’s available on the side with the other tags :P