Anonymous asked: uh hi, have any advice on how to make webcomics for a noob like me? :( A simple version, if possible?

Hello! Wow, a simple version, I’ll give it a try!

I think this thing is a lot about trial and error and is, above all, about making something you feel comfortable with. You don’t have an editor or anyone to give you orders, so it’s all about what you want to do, there’s not an absolute correct way to do it.
Before this version of my comic, I did one 3 years ago( I only did like 10 pages and then went to hiatus) and even before that, I had tried a black and white version, which I didn’t like, because colors!!
So having said this, everyone is a noob until they find their style, and even then, every page is still an experiment and you’ll be a noob for a long time hahah. There’s no need to be scared about it, you’ll learn on the way if you decide to take the plunge!

Other thing that I find crucial, is finding out what you want to talk about, you need to have this clear, so your webcomic has some direction! You can make it really general, like.. comedy, “I want to do comedy” or go deeper and say “comedy about housewives” or even deeper and do a complete analysis about housewives and society, hidden right under your comedic plot. This is just about your personal taste in stories, so again, one isn’t better than the other and you can be certain of that, because you’ll find people that wants to read one or the other, according to their own tastes.

So, next step would be precisely this: building an audience that will be interested in what you are talking about.
This you can do by promoting your work in the places you know you can find your audience. DA shonen ai groups? furries conventions? the housewives forum?? you’ll need to discriminate and see who could be eventually interested in your story. Not everyone will, so my advice is to focus on the ones you can catch and just forget about the others. It’s energy wasted and they can even talk shit about your work just because it’s not of their personal taste.

After all this not so simple advices, my biggest suggestion would be, BE CONSISTENT!!
Be consistent about your themes! if you said housewives, housewives it is, that’s what your audience will be expecting of you.
Be consistent about your material update! You don’t want people to forget about you!
And finally, be consistent with your work! Work your ass out, because no one is going to do it for you :)

I hope this is what you were asking, if not, then I have some more technical answer about comic making, right here!

Sorry for the long answer and good luck!!


You. are one lucky MF.



You. are one lucky MF.

These are some of the steps I remembered to save for last pic :)

wow I was browsing through my folders and I have so many unfinished animations, some of them were from 3 years ago!!

I’m thinking about picking some of them and give them a new try….

I have 4 faves, the second, and the last 3 (although the very last was never forgotten, I just have future plans for that one >:3)

AAh I’m feeling really enthusiastic about this already!!

I changed the cover art :) Read here
process gif coming soon!

I changed the cover art :)
 Read here

process gif coming soon!